Corrie Dick’s Impossible Things: 16/09/16
JATP , Glyde House, Bradford

Corrie Dick turns up in so many of the exciting young British groups, so it was great to get a chance to hear him as a leader. Although the band this evening was not exactly as found on his cd (Impossible Things, released late in 2015), it still included many of the expected stalwarts of the jazz scene, including Conor Chaplin on bass and Laura Jurd on trumpet. The audience were treated to two strong sets with energetic and varied music that drew freely on musical styles including Celtic folk themes, post-bop jazz and melodic tunes. The set’s opener, Soar, quickly grabbed everyone's attention and the excellent interplay between the players carried us on as the varying musical sections blended together to create the impressive whole. The sure-footed ensemble approach almost certainly due to the way so many of these players have played together so often in the past.

Corrie’s writing takes us on journeys through his life and his inspirations. He tells us that the tune What has become of Albert? is about a flying dinosaur, Annamarrakech is a tune for his girlfriend and the Moroccan city. Each tune reflects the thematic origins and weaves together different approaches, taking different paths that give the players ample chances to play freely and make their own responses. This was an evening of impressive musicianship from the whole band. However, it was Corrie’s sensitive, rhythmic and atmospheric drumming that consistently pulled the strands of the pieces together. A truly memorable gig.

You can find Corrie’s website here , his bandcamp page here , or try this video for size: