Dave Kane / Bitch’n’Monk:  23/09/16
Fusebox , Frog and Newt, Leeds

Fusebox again pulled out the stops to come up with a challenging and stimulating gig, enthusiastically received.

Dave Kane’s opening solo double bass set had him coaxing out a wide range of sounds from his instrument as he poked, plucked, slapped and prodded the strings and the body. He spoke about how he is currently preparing some new work for a commission and so he was keeping away from that material, working with different ideas. His website is here .

Bitch’n’Monk are an Anglo-Colombian duo with Heidi Heidelberg singing and playing guitar alongside flautist Mauricio Velasierra. However, that’s just the beginning as they both employ a bank of foot controls, including samplers and loops, to alter and extend the range of their sounds. In this way they build up increasingly complex and dramatically percussive sheets of sound in their wholly original pieces. Mauricio brings out Andean flutes of different sizes that layer the sounds while Heidi’s guitar grinds and soars across the top of music that reflects their myriad of influences while sounding like none of them. But when Heidi starts to sing we are, as their cd title says, peering over the edge. Her range and control of her singing is literally breathtaking as her almost operatic voice with the frequently confrontational lyrics is set against the restlessly shifting time signatures, bringing us into a completely unique sound world. Try this clip for an example or visit their website here .